Sugar may fail to satiate you and/or make you subsequently hungrier. These data are sometimes confounded, as are many data in this area, by the use of pure fructose, rather than the glucose-fructose mixture found in sugar. Furthermore, evidence is emerging that sugar is addictive, much in the same way that a drug like heroin or cocaine might be, as suggested by functional MRI. So, while folks in this camp argue that sugar per se isn’t harmful, it does make you eat more (sugar and non-sugar, alike), and that is the harm.


If You Do Nothing Else To Be Healthy, At Least Do These 5 Things

If You Do Nothing Else To Be Healthy, At Least Do These 5 Things


it’s easy; most importantly it’s for YOU! to be productive, efficient & able to communicate well– you must take time to nurture your mind & body to maintain the much so needed: ‘human balance’. 

10 Forgiveness Tools (to help you let go of anger at your ex and yourself)

10 Forgiveness Tools (to help you let go of anger at your ex and yourself)

relationships in my opinion are the most important, delicate, yet difficult things in this world.healing is an enternal adventure. whether it be physcial, spiritual, relational, emotional, or whatever… accept that you are flawed and a change is on the brink if you yearn for it and nurture your emotional state.

‘we ask god to help us love, he in turn gives us opporuntites to love. we ask him to help us forgive and without ceasing, we are handed infinite opportunities to forgive. start with forgiving yourself’…. -JSS



after an amazing sermon this morning @mountainparkcommunity i was reluctant to post this horrifying yet enlighteing read. this article took me back to a place of previous reading and absolute spiritual enlightenment. i receieved a book as a gift one time from @stephaniethompson in high scool. in hinds sight, it was the absolute perfect time to read this book: ; i was on the brink of cultivating an entire world of new relationships upon my first year of undergrad. the dating scene, the change in family relationship dynamics, the new friends etc. this book taught me a lot about myself as well as the others i was about to encounter. was i a safe person for others to cultivate a relationship? was i going to be one to blame or thank for their “negative/postive energy”?!  i made a decision to back then to let christ carry my worry, burden or other various things i would be prone to contribute to an anxious way of living so that i would be able to walk freely in my relationships. 

today this modern day article of “14 habits of highly miserable people”, actually RE-INSPIRED me to make sure i’m making the best of every moment and to heed warning signs of other people that are potentially toxic and how much to/not to help them, draw boundaries and pray for that white light of protection to surround me at every angle. 

happy sabbath & blessings to you ❤


“six things happy couples do differently than the rest”

“six things happy couples do differently than the rest”

(NaturalNews) An unhappy relationship can wreak havoc on your emotions and health. In fact, a ten-year study has shown that stressful relationships are a causal factor in depression.
The art of gentleness can transform your relationship. In fact, the Gottman Institute, a leader in marriage research, claims that being gentle is the number one factor in determining the success of your relationship.

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 lovers like visual evidence of love (things they can see): gifts, dressing up nice and going out, a clean kitchen, seeing you do something for them.

Auditory lovers like to hear kind, loving expressions (and in a kind, loving tone).

Feeling oriented lovers like to touch: Hugs, closeness, holding hands, kissing, etc…

Communicating love outside your partner’s modality may not even count (for your partner). If you are a visual lover, for example, a hug doesn’t mean as much as seeing evidence. In fact, you may feel smothered by constant clinging.

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don’t forget: 80% of your immunity comes from your gut!!!

don’t forget: 80% of your immunity comes from your gut!!!

day to day living can get to be so rushed and we can tend to get carried away forgetting to listen to our bodies and minds. it’s so important that we acutally slow down enough to taste our food–enjoy breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner with loved ones and then see how we’re feeling during and after digestion. if you think something is off in your body and you’re not feeling ‘satisfied’ after a meal, more than likely you’re right and something IS off. take a quick browse at the 9 signs that reveal you may have a leaky gut….