I think it’s easy to fall into that mentality of not being able to trust, becoming angry at the food companies, holding signs up to picket against Monsanto, etc. etc. Believe me, I’m on that boat too! I also have come to the realization that if I stay in the place of frustration and how pathetic it is that we can’t trust anyone in manufacturing (or even the FDA for that matter because they’re approving way more than is truly conducive for our health), I will not be in a place mentally or spiritually to give and to create. 

What do I personally suggest? I suggest to understand the bottom line which is our downward spiral with big government, control and that by wanting to function as a socialist country we’re going to continue to see big corporation take over and small distributors get shut down. Small companies that are trying to distribute quality products are being so closely regulated because we’re allowing the government to get overly involved. 

It boils down to consumers, to US! We must pay close attention to everything that we’re buying. Who is it supporting? Is it Fair Trade? Who is gaining from what we purchase? If our health personally is not benefiting or is being compromised from what’s being sold, we have to be at the point where we unite as a country of health, & knowledge so that the poor quality of food just stops being made. It’s America and what I love so much about this country is the economics and free market. Let’s face it, it’s all coming down to supply and demand. Let’s continue to educate ourselves, read the labels and more importantly UNDERSTAND the labels. “No Added MSG, No Added sugar” think again. It’s pure garbage! Splenda, Sucralose, Diet ANYTHING get rid of it. 

We must unite to understand and equip ourselves with extensive knowledge of what’s out there. We can shut down the manufacturing of what’s not on the perimeters in our grocery stores if we out right stop buying it. 


Stay focused, alert, and abreast!