Do you know where your meat is from? Of course you know it’s from your nearest grocer but what about  beyond that? Do you know that more than likely it was raised in a less than optimal sized pen crammed in with hundreds of others alike in species? It was probably fed corn and soy it’s entire life (GMO), and given a horrendous amount of hormones and antibiotics and never witnessed the sun or absorbed a drop of Vitamin D.

I wish this wasn’t the case but unfortunately it is. Finding clean meat that lived outdoors and lived a typical farm animal lifestyle has become quite the rare scenario.

The reality is, people are eating less meat not because they are siding with PETA but because their sources are becoming limited for high quality supplies of meat for them and their families.

Don’t be afraid to ask these detailed questions about your protein/meat sources to your store clerks while out shopping. Unless your packaging says: “Organic, Grass Fed/Grass Finished”, more than likely it needs to stay on the shelf as it has no benefit to you and is really only causing more harm to your own body’s ability to regulate your own natural hormones and keep your immunity up.

Do your research and your body will thank you; especially in the long run. Unfortunately, the USDA/FDA isn’t looking out for us so we must look out for ourselves.




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