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Hello friends and health advocates!
Thus begins posting as an official Naturopathic Doctor. My focus is in endocrinology, insomnia, IV & ozone therapies. I have done numerous rotations in pediatric care as well and look forward to sharing articles, research publications, and much more with you all as I advance my practice and continue learning as a new doc. I have been blessed with so many mentors, leaders, and renowned physicians. It’s now time to get the word out about prevention, health, and ways to heal the body with botanicals, minerals, vitamins, and ancient healing modalities that have been used across the globe for many centuries.
In good health and blessings,
Dr. Jillian


apparently we are still not at the level of equality when it comes to women in the workplace. until then, here are some places for power women to be financially recognized!

Gender inequality at work and society has a huge impact on the US economy, according to the a new report from McKinsey, and addressing the imbalances in female participation in the workforce and types of work held by men and women could add as much as $4.3 trillion to the national output by 2025. Some…

via The best US cities for women — Quartz


Do you know where your meat is from? Of course you know it’s from your nearest grocer but what about  beyond that? Do you know that more than likely it was raised in a less than optimal sized pen crammed in with hundreds of others alike in species? It was probably fed corn and soy it’s entire life (GMO), and given a horrendous amount of hormones and antibiotics and never witnessed the sun or absorbed a drop of Vitamin D.

I wish this wasn’t the case but unfortunately it is. Finding clean meat that lived outdoors and lived a typical farm animal lifestyle has become quite the rare scenario.

The reality is, people are eating less meat not because they are siding with PETA but because their sources are becoming limited for high quality supplies of meat for them and their families.

Don’t be afraid to ask these detailed questions about your protein/meat sources to your store clerks while out shopping. Unless your packaging says: “Organic, Grass Fed/Grass Finished”, more than likely it needs to stay on the shelf as it has no benefit to you and is really only causing more harm to your own body’s ability to regulate your own natural hormones and keep your immunity up.

Do your research and your body will thank you; especially in the long run. Unfortunately, the USDA/FDA isn’t looking out for us so we must look out for ourselves.



Coming into boards, stressed, exhausted but more excited than ever to be a Naturopathic Physician. I’m also grateful for this author’s writing. Good read if you have the inclination to indulge yourself in “Voo-doo” ways 😉  #naturecure

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”
-Ayurvedic proverb

No better confidence booster than claiming what you already are!

“There isn’t a better thing you can do to raise your confidence level than to start believing what God says about you. As I read through the Bible, chapter by chapter, and find a verse that speaks to me, I write it down on a card, memorize it, and then I affirm it back to God: “Father, thank you that I am valuable; I am significant; I am forgivable; I am capable.” Let God renew your mind because “your life is shaped by your thoughts” (Proverbs 4:23 GN).”

Why do I have chest pain? Why do I feel fatigued every day.

It’s becoming far too common these days to have high blood sugar, elevated glucose serum levels, atherosclerosis, Irritable Bowel symptoms, and the list goes on. As a naturopathic medical student, I’m beginning to learn treatment plans for these symptoms BUT without the simple/essential diet and lifestyle change, none of the best supplementing in the world will make a difference.

GET THE SUGAR OUT OF YOUR BODY & OUT OF YOUR KITCHEN!! For your own sake… get the sugar out. First and foremost: the splendas, Sweet n’ Lows even the majority of Stevias out there are bogus. If it doesn’t sound familiar on the label or if the marketing on the front SOUNDS too good to be true, guess what? It is.

2015 let’s do this 😎

I don’t know how I made it to the age of 32 without understanding this simple concept: “The distance between dreams and reality is discipline”. Everything that makes us better, successful, or attributes we obtain like humility, kindess, loyalty, etc., all take discipline.

2015 I am committed to being an enemy of mediocrity and cultivator of discipline and Godly wisdom that brings spiritual mind/body revolution. 2015 is another year of the Lord. I choose to be His messenger. I challenge you to take heart, give God ultimatel control & basque in his unique design for YOUR life.

What will I regret? What, Who am I living for?

What will I regret? What, Who am I living for?

Dear Reader,

In my own life, I had a recent experience with my significant other which ended up being an ongoing demon of his inability to ‘be present’.

I think that perhaps he thought I was overreacting to his routine anxious state but as I began to explain the root of anxiety, I could quickly see the wheels turning and the understanding that the majority of this anxious thinking was merely a state of worry coming out as mental fabricated illusions of what could happen.

Whenever we think about the could have’s in life, it’s typically based on fear (assuming these could have’s are not goal oriented).

What happens when we do things based on fear? I think it’s an individual outcome. For some, perhaps it does give them that push to achieve. For most, I think it has a far different result.

Per this link that I have attached (5 Regrets People Make on Their Deathbed), our fear based living drives us to work too much, alienate our feelings, prohibits our vulnerability, stifles healthy communication, robs us of authentic happiness,  and so much more. I didn’t even mention the physical havoc that is reeked on the body that is being directed by a fearful brain and heart. Again, I look at my personal journey and have the human nature to look at my friends, peers, previous colleagues and wonder, am I ‘far enough’? Have I done enough? The questions snowbell….UNLESS, I stop the snowball effect in its tracks and start telling myself:

  • I am exactly where I’m suppose to be.
  • I will not live to work, I will work to live.
  • My journey looks like no one else’s because it belongs to no one else.
  • My identity is not in what I achieve, it’s in who God has called me to be, which is an authentic raw genuine human being capable of love and forgiveness and capable of being loved and forgiven”.

With these constants reminders, hopefully on our death bed we will have no regrets and are able to say, I lived my life and did the things I wanted. I cultivated relationships and gave what I had despite my instinct to hoard or enter survival mode. I laughed, I traveled, and I told the people in my life that I loved them and they knew it based on my actions.

Friend, do not let another day go by caring what anyone is thinking. Be vulnerable, live for God and care only what He thinks. The rest will fall into place, I promise you. †

In good health & blessings,


[Doctoral Candidate of Naturopathic Medicine 2016]



Boosting Your Immunity

Boosting Your Immunity

Dear Friends,

Since having one of the most amazing experiences of my life to date of being in India for several weeks, I have also had an overwhelming experience of trying to keep food down. My third week in India I caught some sort of bacterial bug which ended up leading to or becoming  E coli. I can still function for the most part, however; keeping nutrients in post every meal is going to catch up with me if my gut doesn’t heal soon.

(Perhaps this epidemic of TD can be prevented with the right supplements and immunity support:)

I’m thankful for the wealth of knowledge that the average Indian has in terms of Ayurvedic treatments, illness, and recommended diet.

I was able to get my hands on some over the counter Cipro and Enterogermina which definitely killed the bad bacteria and parasites. Simultaneously, it killed the good gut flora and five weeks later I’m left with a weak immune system, the inability to digest properly, and stomach pain post any amount of food consumption.

Since I know this isn’t a long term thing, the fact that I am surrounded by a holistic community and a myriad of naturopathic physicians, I look at this as an opportunity to grow, learn, and most importantly– to heal. I’m so thankful for coming across Dr. Josh Axe in the past 12 months and am looking forward to implementing his philosophy on leaky gut as well as utilizing other intestinal repair therapies.

I’m looking forward to a follow up post on the process, the outcome, and the knowledge obtained while finding the cure for me !!

In good health & blessings,


[Doctoral Candidate of Naturopathic Medicine 2016]